Listen as Stubborn Husky Has Tantrum When Owner Tells Him He Can’t Have a Bath


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Zeus the husky

Source: Rumble/ZeusTheStubbornHusky

For many dog owners, getting the dog into the bathtub is never an easy feat. For Zeus the husky, it’s the exact opposite.

Owner Linda Fleishman told Today that her husky, Zeus, really enjoys bath time. Zeus loves the water so much, Fleishman will often find Zeus just laying in the tub hoping somebody turns the faucet on.


This is why they say huskies are stubborn,” said Fleishman. “… Zeus loves playing in the water in the bathtub.” Recently, when Fleishman went to get Zeus for his walk, instead of going toward the front door, Zeus went for the tub. Fleishman engaged in a “discussion” with Zeus, about how it wasn’t time for a bath, but a walk. Fleishman is used to Zeus the husky acting childish and throwing tantrums, because she had her phone handy and starting recording her pup. Watch Zeus’ amazing and hilarious reaction as he puts on a clinic of a temper tantrum.
If you didn’t know huskies were so vocal, you definitely do now. Of course, not all huskies enjoy bath time. As much as Zeus loves a good roll around in the water, Steel the husky is quite the opposite.
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