Winter Still Bites. So Here Are 12 Funny Snowmen


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For those folks suffering through yet another winter storm, we feel your pain. Folks in Los Angeles reported putting on a sweater over the weekend. Still, there is no reason to curse the snow when you can make fun snowmen like these folks. Perfect way to spend a snow day.

1. Even a snowman needs to a drink now and then…


creative-funny-snowman-ideas-2 2. But you still have to drink responsibly. 44 3. Here’s waiting for you. creative-funny-snowman-ideas-31 4. Fatalistic snowman. So sad. funny-snowman 5. “Run, Timmy! Save yourself! Stevie is already gone!” creative-funny-snowman-ideas-151 6. How do you catch a snowman? Snowman trap, of course. 7. This staring contest might go on for hours. cat-snowman-funny 8. They tried to warn him about the snow-land-shark. creative-funny-snowman-ideas-20 9. This snowman is ready for battle. evil-snowman 10. Attack of the killer tiny snowmen. gulliver-snowman 11. Cannibal snowman. Not pretty. creative-funny-snowman-ideas-16 12. “Must get out of town before the sun gets here.” creative-funny-snowman-ideas-1    

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