Weird Sh*t


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If you troll around the internet long enough, you come across some weird things. Here are some gems….

Whirlpool of Death


                  Anything passes as art, I guess Death Star-ish The Death Star? Cave Taking “man cave” too far OR effing awesome? MIB Alien This is seriously a human skeleton and not the alien from MIB Selfie I…I don’t know Catepillar Fish Creature Big Head Nature- Full of nopes Biker Probably should have called that NSFW NSFW Definitely should have called that NSFW Strange Mirror    

Football Shaped Food For Super Bowl Sunday

Feeling festive for Super Bowl Sunday? Of course you are - unless the knot in your stomach worrying over your favorite team has rendered you useless to the rest of the world. But for those of you super excited for Super Sunday, we have the most creative, festive, and fun football…

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