11 Weddings You’re Sorry You Missed


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Believe it or not, spring is just around the corner. We know this because we set our clocks ahead last weekend. For some still freezing in the east, that might be the only indication. Still, with spring on the way, wedding season kicks into high gear. To celebrate the honored ceremony that is marriage, we present photos from the weddings you’re sorry you missed…. or not.

1. I don’t even know what I’m looking at but it hurts


2. You didn’t want any cake, right? 3. At least the bride has a sense of humor. 3. We all know what’s on the menu for the reception. http://www.bizarbin.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/weird-wedding-55.jpg4. Let’s get this party started right with a dip in the lake. 5. Would love to see the “after” photo of this one. 6. Best. Bridal. Party. Ever. 7. He is going to be paying for this for the duration of the marriage. 8. No way around this. She totally married a clown. 9. Technically, they did get the photo. 10. Rethinking that decision to bring the family dogs to the wedding? http://i.ytimg.com/vi/Wal9rgKZBQw/hqdefault.jpg11. Not sure if they dived in on purpose or fell in by accident. Either way, congrats!    Editor’s take To #3 and #6: To ALL of the rest:

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