Watch This Super Cute Dog Do Trust Falls Into His Owner’s Arms


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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Meet Watson, a 1-year-old golden retriever who has really earned the trust of his owner.

Seriously, Watson trusts his owner so much that he has no problem falling back into a trust fall. Check it out below.


The trust fall video has earned Watson over 574K views on Instagram at the time of publication. “(Watson) is so trusting. This is the best trick ever,” the video is captioned. “He just falls into your arms.” Watson’s owner Jennifer told BuzzFeed that the dog learned this trick all on his own.
“I started noticing that he would just fall on me when I was sad or depressed,” she explained. “It’s his way of saying I’m here.” She continued, “After he noticed that I loved when he does that and that he made me smile, he started doing it more often. I could just be on the bed or sitting in the couch and he will randomly just fall on me.” Watson trusts his owner so much so that she even taught him to do the fall on command, ensuing in some pretty cute and funny results.

Watson can't wait for Valentine's Day! Would you be his date? ?

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See more of Watson’s adorable adventures on Instagram. (H/T Today)

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