Watch This Man Save This Helpless Skunk (Very Carefully)


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Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

Usually the animal in need of assistance is cute, like a fox or baby elephant, not a rodent with the capability of spraying putrid liquid up to ten feet.

In this human-saves-animal video, a man finds a skunk in Orillia, ON with its head stuck in a Coca-Cola can and proceeds to help the little fella out despite the creature’s infamy.

He found a skunk hopping around the street with a can fitted over its head and although it obviously was blinded at the time it heard the man and tried avoiding the potential threat.


“Skunk, please don’t be scared…please don’t spray me…I’m not gonna hurt you…come on over here, let me take that off your head,” said the man in the video, over and over, as if the semi-adorable black and white mammal could hear his pleading.

Perhaps it was thirsty for some Coke but eventually it was sick of the inhibiting metal case on its head and it gave in, desperate for help.

Proceeding with caution, the man gracefully yet vigorously shook the can off the skunk’s head until it popped off.

Upon release, the skunk gave him a brief stare and turned around, but fortunately (yet ungratefully) ran away, not spraying the gentleman.

Watch the adorable, emotional roller coaster here:

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