Watch How This Dog Reacts To His New Prosthetic Legs


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Source: Facebook/Soi Dog Foundation

Among the many super powers dogs have as man’s best friend, chief among them is their capacity to show real emotion.

Cola, the dog in the videos below, is no different.


Cola found himself in a desperate, horrible situation at just nine months old. After making the innocent, regular mistake of chewing a pair of shoes belonging to his owner’s neighbor, Cola’s inhumane punishment was to have both his front legs cut off with a sword. Thankfully, the good people of the Soi Dog Foundation, a dog-and-cat rescue and welfare organization based in Thailand, Cola has been given another chance to walk today. Cola was taken to a specialist clinic for recovery, with his owner surrendering him to the care of the foundation. After he had healed sufficiently, Cola was fitted with a brand new pair of legs.
Check out his reaction:
His excitement is palpable as he walks across the room, tail wagging wildly, showing off his new legs to his friends. The way he kept shooting looks at the door, you can imagine that he is waiting for the chance to be able to run outside again. Today, Cola lives happily beachside with Gill, co-founder of the Soi Dog Foundation and owner of two prosthetic legs herself, after losing both legs in 2004 while saving a dog. If they aren’t two beings more perfect for one another, we don’t know who would be.

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