Vince Neil Settles Dispute Over Social Media Accounts


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Vince Neil settles dispute over social media accounts

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Vince Neil, Motley Crue singer, launched legal action in March 2015, claiming Oregon resident Kristy Sinsara continued to “maintain control over the accounts”, making “unauthorized posts”, even though he terminated her employment as his social media strategist in 2014.



Neil alleged she changed the passwords and email contact details, and had been “using them to trade on Neil’s fame and celebrity as a means of promoting Sinsara and her works”. According to the lawsuit, when Neil asked for his passwords, Sinsara handed him the one for Twitter, but not the rest – including the ones for Facebook and LinkedIn.   Then, records say that once Sinsara gave Neil his Facebook password, she enabled a security feature that made the account only accessible from her computer.   Sinsara vehemently denied the accusations, but the rocker’s lawyer, James Kohl, reveals the two sides have since settled the dispute and the case was dismissed in a Las Vegas court in June 2015.

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