Use Your Garden in Your Home Decor


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Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset Utilizing your home decor can be difficult and budget crunching, especially when your goal is to give it a garden-like feel. On the flip side, it can be as equally challenging to find ways on how to incorporate your garden into a variety of home decor ideas. So why not kill two birds with one stone?


Solve both of these problems by collaborating your home decor and your garden. From green plants to green trees, here’s how you can use your garden to boost the interior design of your home.

Windowsill Friendly

home-decor-indoor-plantsWindowsills are a great place to put plants, flowers, and herbs because it allows them to receive daily sunlight and continue to grow. 

Stay Out Of The Jungle

IVYMUSE_SHOP_HP_1024x1024Too many flowers and plants in the same place can make your decor feel more like a jungle and less like an oasis. Spread the love, as they say.

Cohesive Color Pallet

IDIG-GreenIntegrate the color green in accent furniture surrounding the plants so the rooms ambience remains cohesive. 

Brighten It Up

d38ec7b082d36c83b2b4eaae500357e6Place plants in the brightest rooms, not only to compliment the room, but to allow the plants to obtain natural light.  

Choose the Right Space

feng-shui-plants-for-harmony-and-positive-energy-in-the-living-room-12-180If you’re looking to plant large trees, it’s best to place them in rooms with high ceilings. Placing large plants in large rooms will allow the two to compliment each other, rather than a large planet overwhelming a small room.  Looking for more decorating tips? Check out Design Ideas for more on home decoration and giving your apartment a garden feeling.

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