Unarmed, Mentally Ill Black Man Shot and Killed by Police


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Source: El Cajon Police Department

Source: El Cajon Police Department

An unarmed African-American man on Tuesday was shot by police after the man’s sister had called police asking for help. The man died later in the hospital.

In San Diego, CA, a woman called for assistance regarding her mentally ill brother, Alfred Olango, who was acting strange and reportedly having a seizure. After responding, the police felt threatened at the scene and proceeded to shoot, despite Olango being unarmed.


What exactly went down outside the Broadway Village strip mall in El Cajon has not yet been confirmed.

According to Police Chief Jeff Davis, Olango ignored orders to take his hands out of his pockets. Following this, he allegedly pulled out an object and pointed the object toward two officers in a “shooting stance,” prompting one of them to fire his weapon, hitting Olango. El Cajon Police released a photo of the moment (above) that appears to show Olango in the “shooting stance.”

According to some witnesses who spoke to spoke to CBS8 however, Olango had his hands raised just before the shots went off.

What is confirmed is that the object was not a weapon and Olango turned out to be unarmed.

“Why couldn’t you tase him? I told you he is sick and you guys shot him,” cried Olango’s sister to the officers on scene as heard in a video captured by bystander Rumbie Mubaiwa recording the aftermath. “I called police to help him, not to kill him.”

The lengthy video, which starts off with Mubaiwa saying, “The police did it again, y’all,” also shows the distraught sister crying on the ground, desperate for information regarding the health and location of her brother who was shot.

The dozens of cops on scene did not appear to provide the sister with any information or support.

Later Tuesday night, El Cajon Police Department released a statement that 30-year-old Olango died in the hospital.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

According to the sister, Olango was suffering from a seizure before the incident went down. Additionally, it was reported that footage of the incident was recorded from a local restaurant, but cops confiscated all employee phones following the shooting.

It is believed the footage will be released once the investigation nears completion.

After members of the community learned of the situation, protests broke out gradually (as seen in the video) around the scene for hours and demonstrations continued outside the police department building overnight Tuesday.

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