Twitter Reacts Hilariously to #TrumpWon Hashtag


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It is no surprise that the first presidential debate Monday night between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is the most trending piece of news and content on many social media outlets. Everyone has their own opinion of who “won” the debate and of the actual debate subject matter itself. Apparently, many thought (or wanted people to think) Trump was the victor, as evidenced with the hashtag #TrumpWon, which shot to the top of the “trending” charts on Tuesday morning, but not in the way you would think. Many individuals who perhaps are in disagreement with the idea of Trump winning the debate decided to voice their opinions on Twitter. And by opinions, we mean hilarious, reactionary GIFs. Just glorious: Now, the Donald himself appreciated the feedback: Others, not so much: Many couldn’t contain their laughter at the idea that Trump won. This one might take the cake though… Who do you think won the debate?

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