Trump Eats KFC With a Knife and Fork, Outrage Follows


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Source: Donald J. Trump/Twitter

Source: Donald J. Trump/Twitter

It seems Donald Trump has a knack for causing an uproar, even with the simplest of actions – like having dinner.

On Monday night, Trump took a break from disrespecting Gold Star parents and claiming New York Times journalists “don’t write good” to tweet a photo of himself having a Kentucky Fried Chicken dinner on his private jet.

“Great afternoon in Ohio & a great evening in Pennsylvania – departing now. See you tomorrow Virginia!” read the tweet.

It may seem harmless, but given Trump’s polarizing persona, both Twitter and the media were quick to react with hilarious results.

Let’s start with the obvious: Trump is holding a knife and fork. This is not the usual way of eating fried chicken, and many people reacted with derision.

This isn’t the first time Trump has been called out for inappropriate use of cutlery. In 2011, he famously took Gov. Sarah Palin out for pizza, drawing criticism for refusing to eat with his hands.

Others pointed out that there is a salt shaker on Trump’s table, which seems oddly unnecessary, given the sodium content of your average KFC meal. Unless the salt shaker was only put there to act as a paperweight for the artfully displayed newspapers in front of Trump.

(People have also pointed out that this is appears to be the Saturday edition of the Wall Street Journal, which means either Trump is behind on the news, or was not actually reading the paper and instead used it for its gloomy headline about America’s weak economic recovery.)

Some were irritated by Trump’s clumsy attempt to present himself as a regular, KFC-loving guy who just happens to own a private jet.

And finally, some people thought Trump’s choice of KFC over other chains such as Popeyes or Bonjangles showed a distinct lack of judgment on his part.

Between this, the Palin pizza debacle, and the Cinco de Mayo taco bowl incident, when Trump thought he could sway Latino voters by posing with a taco salad, it’s starting to look like Trump should just leave food out of his campaign.

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