What Goes in the Empty Square? Hint: It’s Not Number 6


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Here the empty square riddle – it doesn’t take a genius to solve.

So you think you’re a whiz at math? Maybe you believe that because you can multiply 104 by 8 without pen and paper, or that because you took AP Statistics, you have what it takes to solve the problem above. Well let’s see how those skills measure up. Don’t worry, we’ll wait.


So you couldn’t figure it out, huh? If you did, congrats, you’re a shining star. However if you spent five or more minutes staring at the boxes and five numbers in absolute, 100% concentrated, mass confusion… then you’re thinking too hard. Give it a couple more minutes, try to think outside of the box (haha, sorry for the pun). And no, the answer is neither six nor nine. Still lost? Don’t worry, we were too until we were given the below clue…     Are you sure you want to see the clue? Bet it’s driving you nuts, huh? OK, keep scrolling down.        

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It all makes sense now, right? While you were going all Sherlock Holmes – running numbers through your head, and looking for numerical patterns – the answer was right under your nose (especially if you’re in a car at the moment). Sometimes life’s greatest problems don’t require hard or technical skills. Sometimes all you need are life experiences and critical thinking.

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