The Donald Trumps the Competition – Announces Bid for White House


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It’s official. Donald Trump, the billionaire real estate tycoon and creator of the popular TV show The Apprentice, has officially declared that he will try to win the GOP nomination and run for President of the United States in 2016. From inside his midtown Manhattan Trump Tower he said. “We are going to make our country great again.”


Unlike many candidates, the unabashed Trump is not afraid to point fingers or mince words. Whether you agree or disagree with his views, Trump knows how to work a crowd. In a dramatic series of sometimes surprising, sometimes shocking statements, Trump blamed much of our nation’s economic woes on other countries, including China, Mexico, and Japan. He said China was “killing us” in the world economy. Further, he said he knows how to create jobs and would repeal both Obamacare and President Obama’s executive orders on immigration. He said he’s the expert on negotiating deals and even wrote a book on the subject: The Art of the Deal. He said he would use those skills to negotiate much better trade deals with Mexico and other countries. He said he would increase military and infrastructure funding and do the right thing for our military veterans. Among the problems we face, Trump vowed to bring the Islamic State to its knees, and stop Iran from building nuclear weapons. He even said he would build a huge wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and make Mexico pay for it. Trump joins an extremely crowded field of candidates, which, on the GOP side, include former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Dr. Ben Carson, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, US Senator Ted Cruz (Texas), Businesswoman Carly Fiorina, US Senator Lindsey Graham (South Carolina), Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Ohio Governor John Kasich, New York Congressman Peter King , Former NY Governor George Pataki, US Senator Rand Paul (Kentucky), Former Texas Governor Rick Perry , US Senator Marco Rubio (Florida), Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and several more.

Jeb Bush

Dr. Ben Carson

Rand Paul

Chris Christie

As for those other candidates… Trump unapologetically declared, “Politicians are all talk and no action.”  “We have losers. We have people who are morally corrupt. We have people who are taking the country down the drain.” Trump also said Obama was a terrible leader, not even a good cheerleader, declaring Obama a negative force. He also criticized Secretary of State John Kerry’s negotiating skills and said he would do a much better job of keeping Iran from making nuclear weapons. As for Jeb Bush, he criticized him for his support of Common Core, which he called “a total disaster” to our education system. Trump said. “The American Dream is dead. And if elected president, I will make it bigger and stronger than ever.” Visit Trump’s Facebook page and Twitter page.

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