That’s Going To Leave A Mark: 10 Epic Tattoo Fails


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Over the last couple of years, tattoos have gained in popularity. You can’t go into any crowd without seeing some inked artwork on display and that is only what’s visible. Tattoos are a way to tell your life story. They represent a moment in time that you felt compelled to capture. Nothing wrong with that. The problem comes down to your pick of tattoo artist. For crying out loud, check the references!

1. Looks just like Michael Jackson.


worst-tattoo-fails-12 2. I believe he meant to say, “Thanks mother for my life.” Nice try. images 3. Never don’t say things out loud before getting inked. best-tattoo-fails--large-msg-135665925765 4. I know those kids don’t look like this in real life. 026469-baby-portrait-tattoo-fails 5. Amy Winehouse tribute or random vampire chick. You make the call. 6. Not so much a fail as a guarantee of unemployment and never dating again. Worst-tattoo-fail-ever 7. “I meant to spell it like that.” 4df4a48a71d411e2bb4e22000aaa0771_7 8. Always helps to have a photo reference. Tattoo_fail0-size-600x0 9. Regret nothing even the spelling of “nothing.” tattoo 10. Yes, you are. Yes, you are. desktop-1406693463.png (editor’s note: these people are morons)  

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