Watch Adorable Reaction as Young Girl Hears Military Dad’s Recorded Voice in Bear


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Source: YouTube/Larry Bert

Little kids love teddy bears just about better than anything else (well, maybe except for a real puppy). For one little girl, her new teddy bear was a great gift itself, but then she heard her military father‘s voice coming from the bear and her reaction is too cute for words.

According to YouTube user Larry Bert, his granddaughter received a new bear from her father. Bert’s son is deployed overseas and had been gone for over a month when his granddaughter, known just as “P,” was given the teddy bear from her mother. Little P is happy to receive the gift, but when the bear speaks, that’s when P really gets excited to hear her military dad’s voice come from the teddy.


Larry Bert explains that his son will return home in the summer. His son’s wife has since given birth to their second child, who the dad will finally meet at 4 months old. Watch P’s incredibly adorable reaction below and share this military family’s heartwarming story with your friends.

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