Taylor Swift Jokingly Scolds Fan For Grammar Correction


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Taylor_Swift The meticulous devotee took to her Tumblr.com page and shared a photo of a Polaroid picture featured in the Blank Space singer’s 1989 deluxe album package.


Swift had captioned the Polaroid snap, “Say you’ll see me again, even if its (sic) in your wildest dreams”, but the apparent lack of an apostrophe prompted the fan to bring the alleged grammar mistake to the star’s attention. In the Tumblr entry, the blogger, using the name “maddywerch”, wrote, “uh, taylor there’s supposed to an apostrophe s on its btw (by the way)”. The public correction caught Swift’s eye and she jokingly scolded the youngster, delivering her own English lesson as she responded, “The apostrophe blended into the Y above it. But if we’re being all fancy with grammar tonight, btw would’ve had a comma before it. And the ‘U’ is (in) ‘uh’ would’ve been capitalized. And there would’ve been some sort of punctuation at the end of the sentence.” She continued, “SEE IT DOESN’T FEEL NICE DOES IT SO LET’S STOP THIS MADNESS”. However, Swift made sure the fan knew it was all in jest and added, “My lack of punctuation there was intentional, ironic, and for comedic purposes. I’m also joking about being mad.”

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