12 Super Awesome Celebrity Photobombs


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To photobomb someone is to show up in their picture unannounced. You’ll only discover you’ve been bombed once you look at the photo. If you planning to bomb, the best time is when the photographer tells their subjects, “Say cheese.” Then jump in! That’s what these celebrities did and it makes you wish you could hang out with them all the time.

Some people, including celebrities, see a camera and just can’t resist the opportunity to make funny faces in the background without the photographer or his subjects aware of it. The prank is called “photobombing” and typically the photographer and his subjects only discover they’ve been photobombed after they look at the picture. If you want to try photobombing someone, the key is timing. Wait for the photographer to tell his or her subjects to say “cheese.” That’s when you should jump in. That, by the way, is what these celebrities did. Don’t forget to smile for the camera.


1. Are those two sky divers in the background? 820561ed8fcd9489fe07302206d92e8f0e1d7f17     Nope, it’s Jimmy Fallon and Cameron Diaz photobombing these tourists at the top of 30 Rock. Although they blocked the view of the Empire State Building, they rocked the photo.

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