Student Makes Unbelievable Shot to Get Entire Class an A on First Quiz


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Source: Yahoo

Source: Today

One student at Ohio State University is seriously impressing professors, not with his wit, but his throwing skills.

During a recent lecture, the student made a bet with a professor that if he was able to throw a piece of trash into the bin from the other side of the room, the class would all get 100s on their first quiz.


Watch the mesmerizing moment below: It should be pointed out that the kid’s name is Vinny Forte, not Benny, according to another student, and that the deal was actually not to get the class 100s on the quiz but that there would be no quiz at all. A Reddit user who claims they were in the class wrote: “The actual promise was that there would be no quiz, expecting that the shot would miss. Instead, he decided that we still had to take it, but it was based on participation. … The hype and applause that followed [the shot] was unreal.” According to Today, the bet began after the professor showed the organic chemistry class the “definition of an acid by tossing a proton (the ball) into the class.” Another Redditor mentioned the teacher makes bets with the class every semester on getting the ball in the can. This year, however, it seems he’s met his match! If the students at Ohio State University have learned anything, it’s that you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.