Stallone Shares Rare ‘Rocky IV’ Images Even He Had Never Seen


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Source: Sylvester Stallone Facebook

Source: Sylvester Stallone/Facebook

Sometimes even stars get nostalgic.

Legendary writer, director, and actor Sylvester Stallone took to Facebook this week to share some “very rare” behind the scenes images from Rocky IV, the highest grossing film in the series.


The trip down memory lane began with Stallone sharing an image of himself directing.
From there, the star began posting photos of himself and costar Dolph Lundgren, who played prototypical Cold War Russian baddie Ivan Drago, exchanging punches in the ring.
“Very rare photo… Never even say this myself before today,” wrote Stallone.
Stallone wrapped up the nostalgia trip with some photos of he and Lundgren planning out upcoming scenes.
Here’s to hoping the actor breaks out behind the scenes snaps from his other famous works like The Expendablesthe Rambo series, and of course the one everyone is waiting for: Over the Top.

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