Sources: Chris Brown Home Invasion Likely Inside Job


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CBrown_Looking The break-in at Chris Brown’s home Wednesday morning was likely perpetrated by close friends of Brown, the rapper is saying, and police are inclined to believe it too. Law enforcement sources confirmed with TMZ that the four men who broke into Brown’s home were probably very close friends of Brown’s. Authorities believe a club promoter may also have been involved. According to TMZ, someone close to Brown received $50,000 cash recently for an appearance at a club.


The money was reportedly in Brown’s home safe. Brown’s aunt was home at the time of the break-in and was held at gun point and locked in a closet. During the incident, the robbers let it slip they were after the money. That has keyed investigators onto someone close to Brown and with knowledge that the money would be in his home. Police believe there may also be a link to the Los Angeles area gang, the Bloods. TMZ is reporting a member of the LAPD’s Gang Unit was assigned to the case.

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