Sophie B. Hawkins Gives Birth To A Baby Girl At Age 50!!


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Sophie B. Hawkins is a new mom at 50 The Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover star, who welcomed son Dashiell in 2008, gave birth to Esther Ballantine Hawkins on Tuesday, July 7th.


She tells, “Dashiell and I are ecstatic to finally be with our beautiful girl. Our family is now complete!” Hawkins underwent fertility treatment using an embryo she had had frozen almost 20 years ago to get pregnant with her baby girl, and she recently admitted she had doubts about how she would handle becoming a single mom to a new child. She said, “Dashiell… has his own relationship with this child. It’s me who’s a little blocked (worried). And that’s just, you know, fear. And it will end the minute she comes out, I believe.” Hawkins ended her domestic partnership with her manager Gigi Gaston in 2014, after a six-year union. The happy mom shared a pic of her new bundle of joy on Twitter:

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