Something Told This Man To Look Inside An Abandoned Stroller… Amazing!


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BabyStroller_Stroller One Monday recently in Los Angeles, Alex Diaz was out with his two children for a walk. Next to the sidewalk was a dirty, abandoned baby stroller covered by a blanket. On that day, Diaz thought nothing of it.


The next day however, Diaz was again out and saw the stroller was still there, but this time instead of passing by, he noticed something about it he failed to see the day before. The stroller was rundown looking, but the blanket was clean. Something told Diaz he needed to check for himself. “When I first saw the stroller, I didn’t think anything of it,” Diaz told KTLA5 in Los Angeles. “But when I got up close to the stroller and the blanket was clean, I was just like, ‘I hope I’m not about to find a baby in here.’” But that’s exactly what Diaz found. A newborn baby with its umbilical cord still attached was wrapped in new clothes and another blanket inside the abandoned stroller. BabyStroller_FoundBaby Frightened and thinking the baby had died, Diaz quickly checked its pulse and the baby awoke crying. Diaz called 9-1-1 and authorities arrived at the scene to care for the infant. Investigators have no leads as to where the infant came from or where the parents are, but if not for Diaz’s curious nature, they might never have found the baby in time. BabyStroller_AlexDiaz Diaz says this experience, if anything, has taught him to try to be a better father. A story that easily could have been much worse, has a fitting end.

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