She Holds Out Her Hand To Help This Baby Cub – Watch How It Reacts…


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In March, Tampa Bay’s Lowry Park Zoo welcomed a newborn clouded leopard kitten, an endangered species at risk of extinction. Watch the video as zookeepers feed her, bath her, and snuggle her to sleep. Watch as the baby tries desperately to stay awake, but the sandman comes to put this little cutie to bedtime.


The clouded leopard cub will be reared by caregivers until about three-months old, when he’ll start to be introduced to the other cats at Lowry Park Zoo.
Clouded leopards are the smallest of the “big cats,” whose species are threatened by deforestation and poaching. But his little guy looks like he’s in good hands. CloudedLeopard_Older In a few months, he’ll be as rambunctious as these other clouded leopard cubs that are living at the Nashville Zoo, now more than 2-months old and feisty (and adorable!!) as ever. CloudedLeopard_Awake

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