Sleep In Leo’s Bed, Just Without Leo


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Ever since he sank into the icy waters in the wreck of the Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio has been a bonafide movie star. That means he can pick and choose his projects. It also means the studios are lining up to throw money at him. He’s bankable. What’s a kid going to do with all that money? Buy lots of house, of course. Now you can see how Leo lives by spending the night in his Palm Springs home. Yes, Mr. D is throwing open his doors and welcoming guests as long as they have the $4,500 per night fee ready to plunk down.

This estate is set on 1.3 acres in the Old Las Palmas neighborhood of the desert retreat. It was once owned by TV star, Dinah Shore (look her up). What does the $4,500 per night fee get you? It’s a 7,000-square foot McMansion with six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a swimming pool, tennis court, stone fireplace and sunken bar in the living room. Leo just bought the joint last year for a cool $5.23 million.


You may ask, “Why is Leo getting into the bed and breakfast business?” Actually, it’s a smart move. That $4,500 will go a long way towards the upkeep. BTW, there is a two-night minimum so technically you’ll be paying $9,000 for the privilege of staying in a home that Leonardo DiCaprio probably never set foot in. Of course, if you’re an aspiring screenwriter with a killer script, you could always leave it behind tucked under a pillow in the hopes the big man might actually stop by. (Editor’s note: OK, that picture isn’t actually Leo’s home but how cool is it? I’d start a Kickstarter to get the funds to spend a night there, wouldn’t you?)

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