This Apartment Building Installed a Glass-Bottom Pool…48 Stories up


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If you are scared of heights, look away now. If not, marvel at the Sky Pool.


The Market Square Tower, a luxury apartment building in Houston, recently posted a heart-stopping video of the building’s “sky pool” to their Instagram page earlier this month. In the clip, shown from a top-down perspective, someone films themselves walking onto the Sky Pool’s ledge, a clear-bottomed area that looks straight down over Houston from nearly 50 stories up.
The mesmerizing visual, which truly makes it look like the subject is flying, quickly drew attention on Instagram. In the six days since it was first posted on the Market Square Tower Instagram page, the sky pool video has garnered over 18,000 views and nearly 500 comments, near unanimous in expressing that they’d never get anywhere near the pool. In addition, news sources including CNN have picked up on the story. Do you think you could take a swim in the sky pool? Let us know, and make sure to share this amazing clip with the daredevils in your life.

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