Simon Cowell Wants One Direction On ‘X Factor’ Final Before Split


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One Direction will go their separate ways after the release of their fifth album in March 2016, and music mogul Simon Cowell insists the temporary year-long split was always in the cards, but he hopes their last performance as a group will be on the TV talent show The X Factor that helped spawn the group.


Cowell told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper, “I would like their last performance before their break to be the X Factor final, 100 percent. I think they will come on the final of X Factor this year.” Cowell also referenced Zayn Malik, who has come under fire recently for controversial posts on Twitter, seemingly aimed at his former band mates and his ex-fiancee, Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards. He said, “I don’t like this Twitter stuff, it’s kind of like, you are always going to regret what you send out on Twitter. With Zayn, I think he has got to put a sense of perspective back in his life. You had a really great opportunity, you decided for whatever reason that you didn’t want to do it anymore.” Cowell’s comments about Malik come as Rixton’s Jake Roche slammed the former One Direction member for dumping Edwards last month. Roche told The Sun newspaper, “I think he’s a f**king idiot. The way he’s treated her is horrible. He’s not a very nice man. Professionally he’s talented but – and I’m speaking from what I’ve seen – he should be ashamed. It’s disrespectful. And the whole re-tweeting thing. He finished with her! Why antagonize it? It’s done! It’s a shame. He’s talented, but he’s spoiled it.”

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