Shonda Rhimes Corrects TV Presenter After ‘Scandal’ Final Series Gaffe


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Shonda Rhimes corrects TV presenter after Scandal final series gaffe

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Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes has assured fans a TV announcement about the show ending was a mistake.

The writer was quick to hit Twitter after Good Morning America co-host Lara Spencer made the gaffe during a piece about the hit drama’s cast returning to work.


Lara said, “A little bittersweet however, because it has been said that this is also going to be the final season.” Rhimes jumped on social media and tweeted: “Whoa, @GMA: I never said this was the final season of #scandal. Way to make me spit out my coffee!” Spencer spotted the tweet and corrected herself before the end of the breakfast show, stating: “We said that this was the last season of Scandal. Shonda has weighed in, she just tweeted, and she said we made her spit out her coffee. “My apologies. She said she has an ending in mind, but that ending is not happening this next season. So, thank you, Shonda… We can all breathe, because as you guys know, it is my absolute favorite show. “Shonda, thank you, I’m sorry I made you spit out your coffee!” Rhimes was happy with the note, adding, “Thank you for the correction, @LaraSpencer – you have my back!” Scandal star Kerry Washington, who portrays Olivia Pope on the show, was among the castmates to return to the set of the drama this week, weeks after confirming her second pregnancy would not keep her away from work. “I’ll be going back to work in July,” she said. “I’ll be waddling my way around OPA (Olivia Pope & Associates). Don’t worry.” The news was a relief for fans of the hit TV series, who feared the pregnancy and Washington’s announcement she would be taking some time away from social media this summer was a hint she was planning to take an extended hiatus.

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