Scotland’s True Loch Ness Monster Revealed


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Source: Youtube/University of Edinburgh

Source: YouTube/University of Edinburgh

According to scientists, we know more about outer space than we do about the ocean. Now, if that doesn’t keep you up at night, then this might.

Recently, the nearly-complete fossil of what looks to be the unholy spawn of a dolphin and a swordfish was unveiled in Edinburgh. It’s name: the Ichthyosaur, otherwise known as the Storr Lochs Monster. The fossil, one of the first of its kind in a nearly complete form, was revealed at National Museums Scotland.


The Storr Lochs monster is estimated to have been the ruler of the deep ocean nearly 170 million years ago, according to scientists. “People don’t realize that real sea monsters used to exist,” said paleontologist Steve Brusatte of the University of Edinburgh’s School of Geosciences. “They were bigger, scarier and more fascinating than the myth of Nessie.” In fact, the fossil itself had been discovered 50 years ago, but it was left untouched due to being buried deep in rock. Because of technological advances, the University of Edinburgh, National Museums Scotland, and energy company SSE worked in unison to remove the fossil while maintaining its integrity. According to, forming the complete structure of the sea monster was like completing a puzzle that contained over 140 pieces. After studying it thoroughly, the completed fossil of the Storr Lochs Monster will be put on viewing display. For now, take a look at what this handsome fella probably looked like:

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