Sam Smith Postpones Another Concert to Protect Voice


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Sam Smith postpones another concert to protect voice

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Sam Smith underwent throat surgery in May 2015 after he developed a hemorrhage, and he returned to touring in July 2015 once he had recovered.



He rescheduled a tour date without an explanation within a week of the U.S. shows starting, and has now postponed a further stop in Glendale, Arizona at short notice, with concertgoers only being informed by promoters on Tuesday evening, August 11, 2015 ahead of Wednesday’s August 12, 2015 show.   Smith has apologized, telling fans, “I am incredibly sorry to announce I am having to reschedule my show tomorrow. It is for the same reasons as previous rescheduled shows from this tour. This tour was booked pre-surgery, and post-surgery it’s become clear I need more rest time in between shows. Otherwise, I could damage my voice again. I am so incredibly sorry for the inconvenience, but it’s a matter of rescheduling one or canceling many. I can’t wait to play for you in a few weeks. And again, I am sorry.”   The concert is now scheduled to take place on September 30, 2015.