Rumer Willis and Mom Demi Moore #Twinning


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Rumer Willis – ABC’s Dancing with The Stars most recent champion – is starting to look more and more like her mom each day.  But when your mom is the one-and-only ageless Demi Moore, that’s nothing to frown about.  This is definitely a family with some incredible genes.  The stunning mother-daughter duo shared their #twinning moment on social media Monday night.  The resemblance is pretty crazy.  At first glance it really is rather tricky to tell them apart!

The photo that’s making us all do a double-take, shows Willis, 26, standing beside mom Moore, 52, posing identically and sporting the same navy jumpsuits, dark-rimmed glasses and long, straight hair.  “That moment when you realize you actually are becoming your mother #twinning #imnotmad,” Willis captioned the photo.

That moment when you realize you actually are becoming your mother #twinning #imnotmad

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Mama Moore posted the same photo on Twitter with the caption “Bookends!! #twinning.” Who do you think rocked this look better?

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