Firefighter Makes the Save of a Lifetime and Catches Baby From a Burning Building


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Thanks to this firefighter and his quick reaction, one baby is alive and well.


Firefighter Robert Sutton was on the scene in DeKalb County, Georgia attempting to put out a large fire. While Sutton and his crew were assessing the damage, he saw a man push a screen out of a window in the burning building. “We pulled up, we see a lot of smoke and flames,” Sutton told Atlanta television station WXIA. “At first, we didn’t know it was an actual entrapment. I started making my way back and that is when I actually seen the father.” The man in the window was screaming for help and Sutton quickly realized the man was holding a baby. Sutton didn’t have time to strategize and quickly put his training to use. “I just went into action. I just did what any of the other firefighters out here would have done,” Sutton told Atlanta television station WAGA. “I just said ‘Drop him.’ He did and I am blessed to have been in a position to catch the baby. It was my first time in a situation like that.” The baby made it out alive without a scratch and is now doing fine. “I never want to take gratitude for something that I’m supposed to do,” Sutton told WXIA. “Anybody here on the scene would have done the same thing.” After the baby was rescued, the crew went in to help the rest of the people inside. Everyone made it out alive and no one was injured. Tom Burrell, the captain of Sutton’s squad, hopes this moment will teach others about all of the hard work firefighters go through. “I just hope that this helps people understood the hard work and training that goes into being a firefighter,” Captain Burrell toldWAGA. “There’s not really one thing that prepares you for what Firefighter Sutton and his colleagues encountered yesterday.” He continued, “It’s good training. It’s years of experience and having a good sense of situational awareness. I’m just really proud. Sutton was thrilled that he was able to help out in the intense situation. “A life is definitely something you never want to lose so I’m definitely happy I was able to help that father and the baby,” Robert Sutton told WXIA. Check out the amazing rescue above!
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