This Toddler and Dog Have Crafted the Ultimate Plan to Raid the Fridge


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Source: Rob Herbert Facebook

Now that’s what I call the meaning of teamwork!

Being small wasn’t going to stop Robert Herbert and Carrie Ellen Harden’s son, Maverick, from getting his midnight snack. Thanks to a little determination and his trusty sidekick dog, Leroy, Maverick had a successful fridge raid.


Luckily, Harden and Herbert captured the whole break-in on camera. The results could not be any cuter. Check out the systematic raid below.
When you need help…you find out who your friends are! (Until you don’t give them any food and then they leave you hanging!)” Robert Herbert wrote on Facebook. The video has captured the hearts of many users on the internet. It has gone viral with over 79 million views. Many users on social media were quick to post in the comment section about the duo and their hilarious plan. “Totally awesome. That is teamwork. Leroy was so patient,” one user wrote. “Love this. I have watched it and shared multiple times,” another user shared. Harden even got in on the comments, sharing that this is not unusual for the twosome. “I call them my twins for a reason,” Harden wrote in a comment on Facebook. “They’re usually up to no good together. What I wasn’t fast enough to catch on video was Maverick pulling Leroy by the collar over to the fridge to get him in place. He obviously had a plan.” Harden and Herbert better keep an eye on their son. Maverick and Leroy might have some more crafty tricks in the works!
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