Ricky Gervais Defends Queen Elizabeth II over Nazi Salute Scandal


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Ricky Gervais defends Queen Elizabeth II over Nazi salute scandal

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The Sun published the old footage on Saturday, July 18, 2015, titled, “Their Royal Heilnesses – Secret 1933 film shows Edward VIII teaching this Nazi salute to the Queen.”



Queen Elizabeth II, who was aged six or seven at the time, is shown to be doing the Nazi salute in the black and white footage with her sister Princess Margaret (then only three-years-old), and her mother.   A spokesman for Buckingham Palace said the royal family is “disappointed” the private film has been published, and Ricky Gervais has since come to the monarch’s defense on Twitter.   The outspoken atheist continued to add on Twitter, posting a photo of his own from when he was 7. His defense progressed throughout Saturday afternoon, July 18, 2015. Gervais concludes with his final tweet – sharing his true intention, and what he wishes to be recognized for. The newspaper has defended its decision to post the footage, saying, “These images have lain hidden for 82 years. We publish them today, knowing they do not reflect badly on our Queen, her late sister or mother in any way. They do, however, provide a fascinating insight into the warped prejudices of Edward VIII and his friends in that bleak, paranoid, tumultuous decade.”

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