Report: Tracy Morgan ‘Received $90 Million To Settle Crash Lawsuit’


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Comedian Tracy Morgan received a $90 million settlement in a lawsuit stemming from his involvement in a fatal car crash last summer, according to a close friend of the comic.

The former 30 Rock star was riding in a limousine with several friends on June 7 when a Wal-Mart semi driven by Kevin Roper collided with the vehicle on a New Jersey interstate. The accident left Morgan and two other passengers seriously injured and killed Morgan’s close friend and fellow comedian James “Jimmy Mack” McNair.


Morgan, who is still in recovery, launched a federal negligence lawsuit against Wal-Mart executives in 2014, but the case was dismissed in May after the two parties managed to reach a confidential settlement. The terms of the deal had so far been kept private, but Morgan’s friend, fellow funnyman Damon Wayans, claims the star walked away with a check for $90 million. Wayans made the admission during a New York radio interview this week as he commented on the hurdles Morgan will have to face before returning to comedy. Wayans said, “Tracy Morgan right now got $90 million, so when he gets on stage, people got 90 million things on their minds besides his comedy. And so it becomes hard when people put money before you…” Morgan, who was recently able to walk down the aisle unaided to wed his fiancee Megan Wollover, has yet to respond to the claims. Roper, who was not named as a defendant in Morgan’s lawsuit, faces criminal charges over the collision. He has pleaded not guilty to one criminal count of death by auto and four counts of assault by auto. It is believed sleep deprivation played a part in the crash. McNair’s relatives previously accepted a $10 million payment from Wal-Mart bosses to settle their wrongful death suit.

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