Report: Chief Keef Naming Son After Website


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Earlier this week , hip-hop star Chief Keef, real name Keith Cozart, was embroiled in a new baby drama after a woman, identified as Lauren Woods, filed court documents alleging she has given birth to his son.

According to documents filed in Kentucky and obtained by TMZ, Woods is demanding child support for her two-month-old baby after listing the hip-hop star as the father.


The “Love Sosa” hit-maker’s lawyer is adamant the woman’s claim is untrue and he has accused her of targeting the rapper purely for money. In addition, Cozart reportedly posted a photo of a baby on Instagram with the caption ‘The White Sosa’, but the image was later deleted. To cause further confusion, Cozart’s frequent collaborator and businessman Alki David, released a statement Thursday that suggested the baby was in fact Cozart’s since they have come up with a name for the little one – to promote the rapper’s new album. The statement read: “Chief Keef and his newest baby mama have agreed to name the newborn Sno FilmOn Dot Com Cozart in order to promote the release of Sosa’s double album Bang 3.” The record will be available September 18 via David’s streaming TV and music platform However, another press release soon followed, this time noting that a paternity test still needs to be confirmed before the newborn is potentially named after the website. ChiefKeef_Feature David’s follow-up statement reads: “In light of new developments disputing that Chief Keef is the father of Baby Sno, the streaming TV and music platform is retracting the right to let the mother, Lauren Woods, use the middle name FilmOn Dot Com until paternity is settled. We wish Ms. Woods all the best.” Cozart has been working with David in recent months, as he is the owner of Hologram USA, the company behind bringing celebrities, dead and alive, to a satellite location using holographic technology. The duo has been planning the “All-Star Stop the Killing Now Hologram Benefit Concert,” which will be held simultaneously in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles in September and will be live streamed on It will benefit families who have been victims of violence and organizations working to eliminate violent crime in Chicago, Illinois. Cozart originally planned a concert in his hometown of Chicago last month in honor of his friend and fellow rapper Capo, who was shot and killed. Since Cozart has outstanding warrants for his arrest in the Chicago area, Chief Keef chose to perform virtually instead of risking a run-in with police.

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