Removable Wallpaper Is the Latest Evolution in Dorm Room Decor


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As millions of college students prepare to head back to college, a top thought on many of their minds is how to decorate their dorm rooms. For incoming freshmen especially, this is a right of passage, as their dorms are generally the first place they’ve ever lived away from home.

One new innovation allowing today’s college students to take dorm room decorations further than their predecessors is trading in plain white walls for temporarily wallpapered ones that show off their personality.


According to design expert Elaine Griffin, “Disposable wall decor is the hot trend to try. There are amazing options for removable wallpaper right now, and that means that a college’s no-paint, nail-free policy can’t cramp your style for another nanosecond.”
Courtesy Amy Spearing Interiors

Courtesy Amy Spearing Interiors

Griffin says the wallpaper, which comes in designs ranging from logo patterns to paint-mimicking solid colors, can be used in several different ways. Her suggestions include:
  • Using the patterns to accent furniture and fixtures such as desks, fridges, beds, and even doors.
  • Using different patterns to create specific activity “zones” in the room such as “studying” “socializing” and “dining.”
  • Dressing up drab, school-issued bookcases.
dorm room shelves There are even websites such as dé that will produce over-sized wall decals of monograms, or school and sorority names. For a homey-vibe, the site also offers large canvas prints of personal photos.

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