This Cafe Offers Critters Visit With Your Coffee


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There are some restaurants that are pet friendly, but they’re usually assigned to the outdoor area. In Seoul, South Korea there is a cafe called Blind Alley where exotic pets like raccoons and capybara share your space — and sometimes your salad.

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It is nicknamed The Raccoon Cafe because along with your latte you can add some Crema — a visit with one of the aptly named resident raccoons. Add to the mix an adorable corgi and you’ve got several reasons to chill there.

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The way it works is when you order something from the menu like a yogurt or a smoothie, you get a star sticker that gives you entry into a separate sanctuary for the animals. There you can meet Shot, the raccoon who has been trained to give you some paw if you give him a treat.

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Or you can meet Crema, the aforementioned white raccoon who will willingly come to you for dried squid and cookies.

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The cafe is not considered a health hazard as the animals are sequestered. However, despite the enclosure that is double-gated, the raccoons can still get through and hop onto your table for part of your meal.

Source: Dwaeji In Seoul/blogpost

The other furry friends at The Raccoon Cafe are the capybara, who was rescued from a defunct zoo, and a corgi named Cookie who thinks she’s a raccoon as she was raised alongside them.

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Han Song Hee, the owner of the cafe, initially brought her baby raccoons to work because they had to be fed every four hours. The raccoons were purchased from a fur trader and raised in captivity. “When they drink milk they have diarrhea so I couldn’t leave them at home. So I started bringing them to the cafe two years ago,” she told Insider.
So next time you’re visiting Seoul, South Korea — enjoy some critters with your coffee at the Raccoon Cafe.

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