Prayers Have Been Answered: McMuffins All Day!


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Have you ever wanted an Egg McMuffin for lunch? What about after a night on the town? Wouldn’t that be the perfect hangover prevention cure? Sadly, McDonald’s has maintained a breakfast only policy with their breakfast menu items with the official cut off coming at 10:30 every morning. However, that could soon all be changing as McDonald’s plans to test an all-day breakfast option. That would mean breakfast for dinner like never before.

As it stands, this breakfast bonanza is just a rumor. That rumor holds that McDonald’s is going to test this idea in single city just to see how it goes over. I’ll tell you how it’s going to go over: Great! The reason that McDonald’s doesn’t serve breakfast all day comes down to the issue of grill space. They need those fryers and grills for the lunchtime McNugget and Big Mac rush. Of course, the eggs and sausages for the McMuffin’s are already pre-cooked so maybe this grill thing is just a smoke screen. After all, if you ask the McNuggets and McMuffins they would be happy to share cooking space.


In related news, Burger has announced that its limited edition Chicken Fries will now become a permanent part of their daily menu. Chicken Fries all the time and McMuffins at night? The world has become a better place.

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