This Plumber Found the Perfect Logo for His Family Business


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Source: The Sault's Plumber

Source: The Sault’s Plumber

One plumber has found a way to win the marketing game!

Meet Nick Huckson, a Canadian plumber and the owner of The Sault’s Plumber in Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario. Huckson was trying to draw attention to his new business and went to the local business, Classic Signs, Inc., where they made him a one-of-a-kind decal for his truck. Check out the hysterical advertisement below.


“When I put it on my truck, I wanted people to see the truck and remember my name,” Huckson shared with Today. “I wanted to stand out from the crowd.” Huckson is the latest member of his family to join in on the plumbing business. His family and the company logo have been in the plumbing industry since the 1960s. So, what did Huckson’s grandfather, who used to run the company, think of his new logo? “He loves it,” says Huckson. “He was giggling like a little schoolgirl first time he saw it. He was in tears.” The image was posted on Reddit where it was quick to go viral. Since his quick internet fame, Huckson has had endless business inquires.

“They think I’m this huge plumbing company, but I’m only one man with one truck,” he explained. Not only is the decal good for business, but it also keeps Huckson’s truck in his own hands, especially away from his girlfriend! “Well, my girlfriend has a vehicle,” he jokes. “But it’s a good way to keep her from taking my truck!”
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