Playful German Shepherd Dad Pounces Around With His Puppy Pack


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playful German shepherd

Source: Rumble

We all know kids love to play. For animal lovers, that’s an obvious statement as well, whether you own a puppy, kitten, fluffy baby cow, or any other animal. Sometimes though, it’s the parents who have loads of energy, like this playful German shepherd dad.

The video begins with a full-grown German shepherd hunched forward and wagging his tail. The big “pup” is looking beneath a car, staring down a young puppy, who seems a bit put-off by dad’s energy. Sensing the pup isn’t too keen on playing, the German shepherd lays down, easing the standoff.


Then, two more puppies emerge from behind the first puppy, causing dad to jump up in excitement. But it doesn’t stop there. A fourth and fifth puppy then come into view. But you’d be mistaken if you thought that was all. We see a total of seven, possibly eight puppies, bound out from beneath the car to run around with dad. It’s a cuteness overload! Watch the playful German shepherd dad and his puppies in the video below. SHARE their adorable interaction with any dog lover that you might know!

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