Photobomb Friday: 10 Animals Who Couldn’t Resist Getting In The Picture


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Thanks to our Smartphones we get to snap pictures left and right. There is a lot of randomness with all this photo taking. However, there are still plenty of times when we want to capture that perfectly posed portrait. Then along comes some animal to ruin the shot. Did I say, “ruin?” I meant make it super awesome.

1. Squirrel steals the shot.


1 animal pb   2. Giraffe blows a raspberry. 1 animal_photobombs_22 3. “Oh, hello. Can you get these humans out of my jungle habitat?” 1 animal -photobomb-02 4. Which smile is scarier? 1 smile 5. Driving safari tip: Keep the windows closed at all times. 1 funny-animal-photobombs-4-600x400 6. “You talking to me?” 1 animal-photobombs-34 7. Dog photoboming a dog. Priceless. 1 Animal-photobombs 3 8. That is probably going to hurt a bit. 1 GREATEST-ANIMAL-PHOTOBOMBS-facebook 9. “Nobody puts baby in the corner but me.” 1 animal_photobombs_2 10. “Prepare to meet your doom!” 1237826_608734362500194_394589849_n    

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