Ozzy Osbourne Wanted to Exaggerate Tales of His Past in Daughter Kelly’s Book


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Ozzy Osbourne tried to convince his daughter Kelly to re-edit a letter she penned about his personal struggles to play up his bad boy image in her new book.

The Black Sabbath frontman is famed for his crazy rock and roll past, and while he has continued to battle drink and drug issues in recent years, he is no longer the wildman he once was.


However, Kelly Osbourne reveals her dad wanted to keep his old image alive in her new memoir There Is No F**king Secret: Letters from a Bada** B**ch, in which she recalls pivotal moments in her life through a series of notes, with some addressed to her loved ones. Among the messages, the singer-turned-TV personality relives her father’s near-fatal ATV accident in 2003 and his relapse in his sobriety struggle — but she reveals they weren’t edgy enough for Ozzy. “It’s really funny, I gave the book to everyone (in her family) before I submitted it to my publisher because you know, 100 people can be in a room and one thing can happen, and you have 100 different stories, so this is how I see things in my life,” Kelly explained on Good Morning America. “I don’t wanna hurt anyone, and I want to protect my nieces, so I gave it to them to read.” “My dad is the only one who tried to re-edit his letter to make himself sound worse…,” she laughed. “He goes, ‘No, I think you should write this…'” The 32-year-old shot down her father’s suggestions, because it simply wasn’t the truth: “(I said), ‘I’m not writing that dad, you’re my best friend…!'” Osbourne, who is aunt to brother Jack’s two daughters, also shares her feelings about her mother Sharon Osbourne’s cancer battle, and her own addiction problems during her youth in the book, which hit retailers on Tuesday.

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