Orange is the New Black Season 3 Released


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To all of you inmate loving, Orange is the New Black Fans your long anticipated wait is finally over. We also have amazing news the show has already been renewed for a 4th season so do not fear. Jenji Kohan has already informed us that this season is dedicated to faith and motherhood. I guess we will all have to watch to find out more.

Orange is the New Black


  Mary Steenburgen, the Veteran actress recently joined the cast for season three, and star Pablo Schreiber, who plays Mendez, aka Pornstache, told Vulture that she will be playing his mom.   Mary-Steenburgen-Has-Joined-Cast   Also exciting news Alex whom we did not see much of in Season 2, makes a very strong return in Season 3 as you can see from the trailer below.   Alex-More-Episodes-Though Hopefully the trailer gets everyone excited to spend the weekend watching the entire season like the team here at YDD!

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