Olympic Gymnast Aly Raisman Offers to Train John Legend’s Daughter


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John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have landed gold medal-winning Olympian Aly Raisman as their baby girl’s gymnastics tutor.

Model Chrissy reached out to the Team USA athlete via Twitter on Thursday, when she boldly begged the gymnast to be friends with the celebrity couple.


“@Aly_Raisman I don’t want to seem forward but I feel like we would be friends please? We love you!” the 30-year-old beauty wrote. Raisman, 22, promptly replied, insisting she would love to be in the stars’ inner circle: “OMG (oh my God) YES. I love u and ur husband (sic). Can we please be best friends & can I send ur daughter some of my leotards?” Teigen was overjoyed by the response, but admitted she wasn’t sure four-month-old Luna would have the ability to follow in Aly’s footsteps. “@Aly_Raisman there is no way that between john and I she has any coordination whatsoever but YES!” Teigen tweeted, as her new best friend promised to help little Luna develop her gymnastics skills. “I will help her out,” the Olympian declared. “You can teach me how to model and I’ll teach your daughter some gymnastics.” Even John Legend got involved in the online conversation, after Raisman questioned the singer about his “cartwheel game.” “My cartwheel game is a little underdeveloped,” he commented, before quipping, “but my uneven bars game is crazy.” “Wow. You’ll have to teach me some of your moves then,” Raisman remarked. Raisman served as the captain of Final Five at the Rio Olympics in Brazil, and is now the second most-decorated American female Olympic gymnast of all time, with a total of six medals, after 1990s star Shannon Miller.

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