Oh Shiz… Blac Chyna And Amber Rose Set To Star In Their Own Reality Show


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Image courtesy Pacific Coast News.

Image courtesy Pacific Coast News

TMZ is reporting that MTV is close to reaching a deal with model Blac Chyna and star celebrity Amber Rose for the two to star in their own reality TV show.

Many are speculating this might spell trouble for both the ladies’ exes, Tyga and Wiz Khalifa, as well as the Kardashians, who both women now have relationship ties to. Both Chyna and Rose are very vocal when describing their feelings toward their two ex-lovers.


Blac Chyna’s ex, Tyga, left her last year and is now dating Kylie Jenner, who just turned 18 a couple weeks ago. Chyna and Tyga have one son together. Before dating Wiz Khalifa, Rose dated Kanye West, now married to Kim Kardashian, and there has been a very public feud between Rose and KimK. Though there is no official contract yet, TMZ has said it’s all but confirmed. You can be sure this show is going to generate a ton of buzz before the premiere date.

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