NYC Subway May Get Much Needed Make-Over


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New Subway Exterior MTA Renderings/New York Daily News

MTA Renderings/New York Daily News

New Yorkers will be very happy to know that the New York City Transit Museum hosted an unveiling with Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Governor Cuomo showcasing their hopeful designs for new subway car models.

Some of the designs will alleviate crowding, with 10 percent more space for your miniature dogs and shopping bags. Transit experts say wider doors, seats that flip up, and poles designed for more strapholders will let riders spread evenly throughout the train.


Even Cuomo’s kids are fed up with the pushing and shoving during rush hour. He tells the New York Daily News, “Crowding, you hear about it all the time. My daughters were home for the weekend. They came up to Westchester, and I got the lecture about the MTA.” The cars will have a new exterior with colors of blue and gold. The interior will be equipped with Wi-Fi and USB charging ports, good for emergencies, but not so we can talk more with our friends and family and annoy other passengers.
New subway platform designs MTA Renderings

MTA Renderings

Of course these changes do not come without some sort of delay; the remodeling mission will require a stop to be closed for at least six months. The first station renovations that put in their bid include Brooklyn’s R line stops at Prospect Avenue, 53rd Street, and Bay Ridge Avenue. And while you’re waiting forever for your train or bus to arrive, you will be entertained by art installations, canopies hanging over staircases with street-level service alerts, and a neighborhood map. Bright LED lights will illuminate countdown clocks with leaning benches and USB chargers to pass the time.
New Outdoor Stop Designs MTA Renderings

New Outdoor Stop Designs
MTA Renderings

Another London import is also expected to arrive for fast and easy swiping at the turnstiles. No more multiple swipes and messages that your card has expired. The contactless Oyster Card kiosk may replace MetroCard where passengers can use their smartphones and credit cards to tap their way onto the subway or bus.
No More Swiping London's Oyster Card Kiosk

No More Swiping
London’s Oyster Card Kiosk/New York Daily News

In the meantime, happy commuting and remember, “Courtesy is contagious and it begins with you!”

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