Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban celebrate ninth anniversary with fans


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Courtesy of Wenn Newsdesk

Courtesy of WENN Newsdesk

The couple posted snaps on social media – Kidman featured herself and Urban with their young daughters Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, and added the caption, “9 years of love xx”, while the country singer shared a video of the couple snuggling after a concert in Michigan.



In the footage he said, “We just came off stage in Mount Pleasant, Michigan and it was so fun. It’s our anniversary tonight and everyone had signs wishing us a happy anniversary – you have no idea how touching that is,” Urban said.   “I mean, literally, I was trying to hold tears back. It was so beautiful, they were everywhere. We were both so grateful, so thank you very much to everyone who came out tonight and made it magical, celestial and so romantic, it was beautiful.”

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