Nick Viall Defends Bachelorette Kaitlyn’s Honor After Heated Episode


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Bachelorette_Kaitlyn_Bristowe Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe has ruffled both viewer and contestant’s feathers a lot already this season. From sexual jokes to her decision to allow past contestant (from Andi Dorfman’s season) Nick Viall join the race for her heart, Kaitlyn has bravely done what she feels she needs to do to find love. And this past episode was no exception to that.


Kaitlyn and Nick spent their romantic date in Dublin lip locked, ending with Kaitlyn inviting Nick back to her suite. From there they went into the bedroom and viewers could hear them having sex. This comes weeks before the series’ historically “appropriate” time for that in the Fantasy Suite. Fans were already upset by Nick and Kaitlyn’s connection, as he was considered a villain on Andi’s season for shaming her after they had sex. Bachelorette_Kaitlyn2 In true Nick fashion, he immediately told the other men in the house about his night with Kaitlyn, clearly not having learned his mistake with Andi. The men, especially Shawn Booth, who has admitting to falling in love with Kaitlyn, were not happy that Nick already secured a special night with the bachelorette. Previews show that Kaitlyn does have sex with another guy in the house though. My bet is on Shawn Booth after the Snapchat slip-up. Bachelorette_Snapchat1 Anyways, fans from across the country are “slut-shaming” Kaitlyn, mosly via Twitter, for having sex so soon on the show. Thankfully, both host Chris Harrison and Nick Viall himself defended Kaitlyn. Chris Harrison wrote a blog post reminding people that, despite the controversy, Kaitlyn has been open and honest in her views about sex, and viewers are not in a position to judge her. Chris applauded Kaitlyn for her honesty in the whole situation, as she never denied what took place on that date and has been open about the importance of sexual chemistry in a relationship all season. Nick took to Twitter to defend his lady’s honor, reminding everyone that sex is not a shameful act and that men and women should have equal rights to have sex without judgment. This is a good point from Nick considering no Bachelor contestants have ever been shamed for having sex with contestants. I think we need to ask ourselves why we bully a thirty-year-old woman for being intimate with a man she is dating, and don’t we, as viewers, want this type of thing to happen? After all, it makes for great television. What did you think of the controversial episode?  Share your thoughts!

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