This New Stress Ball Will Make You Go Nuts


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Source: Imaginarte

Source: Imaginarte

Necesitamos tocarnos las pelotas, as the Spanish say, or “We need to touch the balls.”

Spanish company Imaginarte has created a stress ball designed for the workplace that is shaped like, well, balls.

“There are moments when we all, men and women alike, just need to play with our balls,” says the Spanish commentator in the product’s promotional video.

This stress relief object, called “Nice Balls,” is defined by the inventors as a dangling prosthetic accessory that sticks easily, discreetly and efficiently to (the bottom) of your desk. The shape is noted as a “Euclidean curve that encourages relaxation,” one that we apparently need from time to time.

“Now you can be productive while playing with your balls,” states the official website.

Attention to these balls has already stretched to and across the U.S. and those interested can navigate to the website and pre-order today with a price they feel suffices.

How much would you pay for a pair of nice balls?

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